Author: PlantSomething

In Maine, We’re Getting Our Hands Dirty & Putting Down Roots.

In our state and across the country, the number of new gardeners is growing. Why have so many Mainers embraced a growing movement? It's simple: just by planting something you can improve your quality of life. We’re Getting the Whole Family Involved For kids, learning about horticulture is tied to a variety of learning achievements, life skills, and well-being. Planting gives kids a sense of prid...
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January Hues Giving You the Blues? Add Color to a Frosty Landscape

Winter Interest Shrubs & Grasses Add Cheer to Zone 5 Gardens Mid-winter in Maine leads many gardeners to dream of spring while looking out at a somber landscape. But cold temperatures don’t have to mean a lackluster yard. There are plenty of opportunities for Mainers to integrate color and interest in their winter gardens. Many shrubs, trees, and grasses take Maine winters in stride, putting ...
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Reap the Rewards of a Growing Movement!

Have you heard? Maine is planting – from Buckfield to Bridgewater and Whitefield to Winterville, beginning gardeners and horticultural pros are digging in the dirt and putting down roots. A flowering plant, herb or veggie, or a single shrub or tree is all it takes to join a growing movement and reap huge rewards. Ready to be more active? Be greener? Give back to your community? Get more value f...
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