Maine Is Growing New Gardeners!



Maine kids are playing an important role in creating a new generation with a connection to growing. At Plant Something Maine, an important part of our mission is cultivating the next generation of farmers, landscape designers, community gardeners, and stewards, and to increase their awareness of the role of planting, growing, and agriculture plays in the economy and their community.

When kids are involved in agricultural education programs, not only do they develop an interest in growing, getting outside, and learning about where food comes from, but their parents take an interest as well, beginning a chain of improved quality of life in neighborhoods and communities.

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What Is Garden-based Learning?

Garden-based learning uses school or community gardens and garden programs that involve hands-on activities as a platform for instruction in many different areas of education. Garden-based learning strengthens academic skills, social and life skills in areas of nutrition, leadership, and decision making.

In Maine, many organizations are doing important work in Ag education. Maine Agriculture in the Classroom helps Maine kids improve their agricultural literacy, Maine School Garden Network promotes and supports educational gardens for youth, and ReTreeUs plants orchards with local schools and provides educational programs that empower young people and their families to grow their own home orchards and gardens.


Click on these links to learn how to start a garden or orchard at your school, find lesson plans, and connect with others:

Why Should Maine Kids Plant Something?

  • It helps them stay active
  • Provides fresh, nutritious food and teaches them about local food reliance
  • Enhances well-being and reduces stress
  • It is tied to learning achievements such as ecological skills, science skills and more
  • Provides stewardship skills
  • Builds social skills
  • It helps them understand the link between plants and the world around them
  • Provides them with a wholesome activity
  • Instills a sense of pride
  • It helps their families stay active and involved in growing so they can benefit as well!

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