What Is Plant Something?


Plant Something is a grassroots, nationally established campaign designed to increase the public’s support of local growers, nurseries, garden centers, and landscapers through awareness of the benefits of planting specialty crops for the landscape and garden.

The Plant Something Maine campaign emphasizes planting for better health, economic value, and the environment. In the first year of its campaign, 15 statewide garden centers saw a 22.3% increase in sales and a job growth rate of 13.1%. According to the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) the horticulture industry will hit double-digit growth in 2018. Horticulture operation sales continue to rise, and Maine’s market potential is growing, with more than 1,000 statewide firms collectively employing 12,000 people; 40% of which are on a full-time basis.

We’re Part of a Growing Community

When our community gets involved, we all benefit. This year, Plant Something Maine has exciting plans to support the national wave of interest in gardening at all levels, from education, consumers, producers and retailers. They include partnering with Maine schools, developing programs that help kids get involved in horticulture, and partnering with the Maine Flower Show, one of the state’s most exciting annual events in gardening and landscaping.


Plant Something Maine is a program of The Maine Landscape & Nursery Association (MELNA), a non-profit, professional trade association with members in all aspects of the green industry, including landscape designers and contractors, nurseries, garden centers, maintenance experts, turf growers, educators, researchers, and other horticultural industry professionals. MELNA is committed to promoting, educating and representing its members and informing and educating the people of Maine.

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