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Has Spring Finally Sprung?

It’s hard to tell by the weather! Technically it is springtime, and the trees are actually leafing out. However, those cold, cloudy, rainy days are dragging on a bit too long. Let’s cheer each other up by sharing photos, and even videos of what we’re growing in the garden so far. We have built up quite a community in our Facebook Group. Plant Something Maine Gardening Group now has almost 1300 avid, local gardeners sharing success stories and asking questions. If you’ve got a question about planting, you can probably get a good answer in this forum. If you are a seasoned gardener, we encourage you to share your tips and spread the knowledge.


Thank you, again

A HUGE thank you, again, goes out to all of our volunteers at the Maine Flower Show 2019. We truly could not have put on this show without you. Everyone did an amazing job and we so appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, and time that everyone invested. Next year we need even more people to volunteer, so invite your friends and check back with us for details on next year’s show. In order to stay up to date and find out all the details as early as possible, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Photo by Katey Coulling Campbell of Campbell’s Floral Design

Remember to Shop Local

For the healthiest plants and best advice, it’s always a safe bet to shop your local garden centers. Supporting our local garden centers is good for our economy and good for the planet. To find a directory, click here: Find a Local Garden Center. It’s great to connect with people online, but even better getting to know them in person! Make some new friends by talking with local experts.



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