Succulent Care

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Succulent Care

While succulents have gained a reputation for being hardy, they’re not indestructible!

Read below for tips on keeping your succulents happy, healthy and thriving.

  • Remember that succulents are desert plants and love their sunshine. Provide as much natural sun light as you are able.
  • Don’t over water! Succulents should be watered only when the soil has dried out completely.
  • Correct drainage is vital for a healthy succulent. Ensure that the pot you’re using has adequate drainage, and that you’re using a porous soil that drains quickly.
  • Keep your indoor succulents clean. As with many indoor plants, dust can gather on the leaves of your succulents inhibiting growth. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe off any dust.
  • Be careful of overcrowding. While displays of tightly packed succulents are all the rage, and oh so appealing, for long term growing success, make sure your succulents have adequate space to spread out and grow.

If you’re ready to take on building your own succulent garden, use our website to find your local independent garden center and get planting!

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