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Keep Your Holiday Dollars Local

The weather is crisping up and fall is upon us! Did you have time to clean up your gardens and put them to bed? Cutting back perennials, protecting delicate plants, and sheltering vulnerable shrubs should be the priority. After the grounds are cleaned up, you may be carving pumpkins, decorating for Thanksgiving, or even shopping for the upcoming holiday. Yes, Christmas is around the corner!

Did you know that to support our local economy it’s important to buy from independent stores? You can even sign up for a winter farm share from a local farm.


Maine Flower Show Schedule

It may be hard to believe, but the schedule for the 2020 Maine Flower Show is now live! Check it out here. Stay tuned for ticket information. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get all the timely updates. Last year we were in need of more volunteers, so please mark your calendars and also follow us on Facebook to be informed of volunteer opportunities. The theme for next year’s show is “A Cascade of Color,” which is sure to cheer us up at the end of the winter season.


Image by Dawn Howeth from Pixabay


Planning Next Year’s Garden

It may seem like there’s not much to do over the cold Maine winter in terms of gardening. For the most part, that is true. However, research and planning your springtime projects through the colder months will give you plenty of time to budget for any new garden beds or landscaping ideas you have brewing. You can also look at your winter landscape and decide how you might want to change things up for next year. Here are some shrubs that will add some interest throughout the year: Winter Interest Shrubs & Grasses Add Cheer to Zone 5 Gardens.

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