Bee a Friend to Pollinators

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Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay


Give them water

Bees and other pollinators are hard at work! Did you know? According to Golden Blossom Honey, “In order to produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited. A hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey. One bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.”

Here’s a fun project: Make a bee watering station!

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay


Plant a Pollinator Garden

The National Pollinator Garden Network is a great resource to check out when it comes to planting a pollinator-friendly garden. They have actually surpassed their goal of registering over 1 million Pollinator Gardens, and you can read about it in this article.

Did you know?

“Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day, and yet pollinators are at a critical point in their own survival. Many reasons contribute to their recent decline. We know for certain, however, that more nectar and pollen sources provided by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their health and numbers. Increasing the number of pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes will help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country.” –National Pollinator Garden Network

Here they provide useful tips on how to plant for pollinators.

Image by Dawn Howeth from Pixabay

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