Summer Planting and Watering Tips

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Tips for Efficient Watering

We finally got some much-needed rain! Depending on the weather, your garden may need daily watering, and this can be quite a chore. If you’d like some great tips for conserving both time and water, check out these tips: 10 Smart Watering Tips. If you’re wondering how often to water your containers, check out this video from our sponsors at Monrovia:

If the only garden you have is indoors, our sponsors at Espoma have a great article about caring for your houseplants. Summer watering is an important part of keeping our plants happy and healthy!

Tips for Summer Planting

Did you know it’s not too late to keep planting? Many people assume that once we hit high summer, their opportunity for new plantings is lost. This is far from true! If you need some advice for summer planting, check out this article by Estabrook’s: Summer Planting Guide. For help understanding what you can plant at different times of the year, check out this handy calendar from the Urban Farmer: What to Plant Now. Keep this calendar handy and you will have an extended harvest! You may also want to check out the gardening advice on Longfellow’s website: July FAQs.

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