Time To Finish Those Landscaping Projects

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The Time to Plant is Now

It may seem that the planting and gardening seasons are quickly drawing to a close. But there is still time to both plan, plant and landscape your property and even enjoy its beauty before the snow flies! Landscaping projects can be put in now and your new plantings will be looking great come spring. Spreading mulch will help you get a jump start for 2019 and block some of those early weeds. You can find a local landscaper on our search page if you would like to hire a professional.

Planting Bulbs for Spring Color

‘Tis the season for planting bulbs! If you want that early color, get to work and plant those bulbs. For advice, you can check out this article by Estabrook’s: Common Bulb Planting Questions. You might also like this article by Tom Atwell, in which he gives a rundown of the most common bulbs that people plant here in Maine: Plant Spring Flower Bulbs Now. It’s also a great time to shop deals at your local garden centers, as many are winding down for the season and some will even be closed over the winter. So grab those clearance items now!



What is Fall Without Pumpkins?

Of course, we’re not just planting for spring-time color, we’re also decorating for fall. And what would fall be without the vibrant color and jolly rotundness of our favorite gourd, the pumpkin! You can easily carve a pumpkin with tools and kitchen gadgets that you have on hand, or you could go all out and follow this blogger’s advice which includes “A pumpkin Master’s carving kit.”  If you are truly crazed with pumpkin fever, check out this list of the Five Best Pumpkin Festivals in New England.

We hope your fall projects will keep you happy, healthy and active in the garden! Make the most of this gorgeous weather before the snow arrives.

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