Summertime is the Right Time to Keep Planting

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Container Gardens

Summertime Plantings

Some people may feel that if they missed the spring planting season, it’s now too late to start gardening. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are many flowers and even vegetables that you can plant now and still enjoy for this growing season. Midsummer is also when you will find sales at your local nurseries and garden centers, so take advantage of great discounts as well as expert advice from local garden centers.

Spruce Up Container Gardens

It’s not too late to start designing a beautiful container of flowers for your deck, patio, or front entryway. If you’ve already planted your containers, these flowers may need to be freshened up or rotated out as the seasons change. If you’re looking for container designing ideas, check out these articles for Shade Loving Container Plants as well as Heat Loving Container Garden Plants.

Hostas for Shade Garden

Start a Shade Garden

Sometimes we overlook the shady area of a yard, thinking that it it’s not a good place for planting. However, there are many plants that actually thrive in the shade.  Estabrook’s  Planting a Shade Garden explains there are different types of shade ranging from light, partial and dappled to heavy and dense. You will also find tips for amending soil and choosing plants.

Plant Perennials, Shrubs and Trees

Planting perennials, shrubs and trees in the second half of the growing season is another great gardening strategy. As the days shorten and the sun gets less intense, your new plantings will require less water. To give them a head start in rooting before the cold weather hits, be sure to use a product designed to encourage root growth. Our sponsors at Espoma offer Bio-tone Starter Plus. Helpful planting instructions for trees and shrubs can be found in this article by Allen, Sterling, & Lothrop.

Grow Vegetables for Fall Harvest

If you missed putting in your veggies, don’t fret, we have a resource for midseason growing: Planting Vegetables in Midsummer for Fall Harvest. Even if you’ve got a healthy veggie garden growing, you can always replace crops that have already been harvested. UMaine Cooperative Extension has a great FAQ sheet for tips on Preserving the Harvest. So don’t delay, get out there and plant something nutritious!

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