Plant Something Weekend 2017

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The Growing Season Has Started!

Maine’s local Independent Garden Centers are hosting Plant Something Weekend to help you kick off the gardening season with the latest and greatest plants, shrubs and trees, expert advice and just about everything you need to succeed when you plant.

Visit Your Local Garden Center

Many of our local nurseries and garden centers are offering special discounts and giveaways during this weekend. For example, Estabrook’s will be giving away free plants at their Kennebunk and Yarmouth locations when you make a purchase during Plant Something Weekend. They also have free mystery seed packets for kids (while supplies last) and you can sign up for their $1,000 giveaway online or on their mobile app.

O’Donal’s Nursery will be showcasing their special Maine Native Plant Garden to increase awareness of native plants, and to educate the public on alternatives to non-native plants. O’Donal’s also has many valuable how-to videos on their website, which may inspire you to get in the garden!

Both Estabrook’s and O’Donal’s will also be handing out free packets of Mystery Seeds, which will direct customers to the Plant Something Maine website to learn what type of seeds they have, and how to plant and care for them. These seeds are part of our Plant a Pollinator Garden Campaign.

Skillin’s has two classes on Saturday at their Falmouth location, the first at 10am is Plant Markers for the Garden. Want to remember what you’ve planted and make the best markers to help you? In this class you will make plant markers using beads, dowels and paint. A variety of colors, ideas and beads make each one original and easy to perk up your garden. This class is $25 and includes all materials. The second class (also in Falmouth) is Garden Favorites, A Painting Class at 2pm. Painting your favorite flowers is not that hard. You can make some beautiful note cards to show off your art talent and your garden. Fee is $25, materials included. Space is limited so reserve by calling 1-800-244-3860 or by contacting

Get Inspired

When you plant a seed, a tree, or start an edible garden, something almost magical happens. Put roots in the soil, and you begin a chain reaction of goodness. It begins with your health, spreads to your quality of life, and unfolds into the world around you. You could call it magic – we just call it planting something. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to have a measurable impact on your world.

Whether you are a novice or expert, just starting a garden for the first time or adding value to your home’s established landscape, we encourage everyone to visit your local garden center and get inspired to Plant Something!

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