It’s Harvest Season!

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Celebrating Harvest Time

After a long and fruitful summer with plenty of heat, sun and humidity, we’re hoping you see a great harvest in your veggie gardens! Now is the time to can, preserve, and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work. Need some tips? Check out these Food Preservation Hands-On Workshops from the UMaine Cooperative Extension. You might also enjoy some of these recipes:

Tomato Jam

Dilly Beans

Apple Crisp

You can also join this very supportive group on Facebook called Wild Fermentation if you’re looking to keep your foods “alive.” No matter how you preserve, prepare or cook your harvest, we hope you enjoy the healthy benefits of tending your vegetable garden all summer long!

It’s Fair Season

Time to gear up for fair season! Of course the most famous fair is the Common Ground Country Faircomplete with a working organic farm, sustainably managed woodlot, organic orchards and demonstration gardens – and hundreds of exhibitors, activities, dances, music and Maine organic foods that make this fair unique. Of course there are many other wonderful opportunities to enjoy, like the Fryeburg Fair. For a full listing of Maine fairs, click here: Maine Fairs and Festivals.

Time to Pick out a Pumpkin

To find a local pumpkin patch, you can visit this site: Funtober. Or you could stop by your local garden center. Pumpkins are great for carving, but they are also healthy eating! Check out this recipe: Pumpkin SoupYou can also roast the seeds, no need to throw them out: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

No matter how you celebrate fall, let’s enjoy the fact that we have all four vibrant seasons here in Maine. There’s always something to do in the garden, for the garden, or around the garden. So keep on planting!

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