In Maine, We’re Getting Our Hands Dirty & Putting Down Roots.

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In our state and across the country, the number of new gardeners is growing. Why have so many Mainers embraced a growing movement? It’s simple: just by planting something you can improve your quality of life.

We’re Getting the Whole Family Involved

For kids, learning about horticulture is tied to a variety of learning achievements, life skills, and well-being. Planting gives kids a sense of pride and a connection to the world around them, and it’s a great reason to get outside and be more active.

What are you waiting for? It’s easier than you think to make major changes in your quality of life and the lives of those around you just by planting something.


Don’t just stand there – Plant Something! Plant Maine!

Watch the 2024 Commercials for the Independent Garden Centers of Maine!






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