Month: July 2018

Contribute To Climate Control With A Container Garden

Contribute To Climate Control With A Container Garden by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer Recently, scientists have noticed warmer summers, rising seas and more powerful storms in the North Eastern climate. Maine is committed to maintaining forests in the area, working with the Nature Conservancy on carbon offset projects that will help fight against climate change. You too can help remove ca...
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Summer Planting and Watering Tips

Tips for Efficient Watering We finally got some much-needed rain! Depending on the weather, your garden may need daily watering, and this can be quite a chore. If you'd like some great tips for conserving both time and water, check out these tips: 10 Smart Watering Tips. If you're wondering how often to water your containers, check out this video from our sponsors at Monrovia: If the onl...
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