Author: Susan Brown

Preparing Your Garden for the Winter

by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer As the days start getting colder, many Maine residents are thinking about winterizing their home in preparation of the coming months. Winterizing not only keeps your home safe from damage, but can also save you a countless amount of time, money, and frustration when it comes to repairs. While many Maine families are diligent about preparing their homes ...
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Doing Your Best For Maine’s Bees

by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer   The hardworking bee is the lifeblood of countless ecosystems. Unfortunately, they are facing challenges across the world. The good news is that Maine is doing awesome work every day to try and preserve these important creatures - over 250 species of bee are native to Maine, according to researcher Emily du Houx, and scientists are undertaking...
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Grow As A Family With Fun Outdoor Activities In Maine

  by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer The Maine Outdoor Coalition is dedicated to encouraging people to try new outdoor activities and explore their local environment and, through its Winter Kids project, the Coalition has already helped 100,000 Maine kids get active. Spending quality time out in the fresh air has many proven physical benefits and by getting outside as a family to explor...
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Growing Indigenous Trees in Maine

by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer Photo by Héctor Martínez Beginning in January 2018, Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry adopted a new set of rules prohibiting the sale of invasive plants in Maine. The legislation is especially important for conserving the growth of native trees, which are vital to insect populations and regional forestry. For gardeners looking...
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Contribute To Climate Control With A Container Garden

Contribute To Climate Control With A Container Garden by Cassie Steele, Freelance Writer Recently, scientists have noticed warmer summers, rising seas and more powerful storms in the North Eastern climate. Maine is committed to maintaining forests in the area, working with the Nature Conservancy on carbon offset projects that will help fight against climate change. You too can help remove ca...
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Maine Gardener’s Question About Bittersweet

We were asked this question by a reader and wonder what your thoughts are about this topic. Post your responses below. "I am a long time gardener, home landscaper and conservationist. Until a few years ago, I loved seeing all the bittersweet in the fall and would cut it to make decorations for indoor and outdoor use. Then I learned how invasive it is. Not only do I notice now how it is taking o...
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