Month: November 2017

Maine Gardener’s Question About Bittersweet

We were asked this question by a reader and wonder what your thoughts are about this topic. Post your responses below. "I am a long time gardener, home landscaper and conservationist. Until a few years ago, I loved seeing all the bittersweet in the fall and would cut it to make decorations for indoor and outdoor use. Then I learned how invasive it is. Not only do I notice now how it is taking o...
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Tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show

The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show are now on sale! Want to be an early-bird and get the worm? Buy your tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show at a hefty discount here: Early-Bird Tickets. Here's a look back at our inaugural show to remind you of why we need this color and beauty after a long, cold winter: The second annual Maine Flower Show will take pl...
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