Month: May 2016

Plant Something Weekend

Plant Something Weekend is almost here! Spring is now in full swing and Plant Something Maine has taken root and started to grow! We are so excited to announce that May 13, 14 and 15 is Plant Something Weekend. Your local garden centers and landscapers have experts on staff to help guide any planting project you have in mind. Here are just a few of the events that might inspire you to get plant...
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Gardening is Good for the Soul

Written by Leah Twitchell We all know that getting outside and spending some time in the garden creates a sense of well being. It has even been said that dirt is the new Prozac! Scientific studies aside, we can all feel the grounding effects of digging in the soil and planting something new. The social and environmental benefits of planting, either flowers or food, shrubs or trees, are almo...
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