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When Mainers get planting, they improve their lives in wonderful and surprising ways. At Plant Something Maine, we’re on a mission to help people, kids, and families all around the state to take the first step: plant a tree, a shrub, vegetables, or flowers. Do it in a container, a window box, a raised bed, a community garden or in your backyard – anytime you set down roots it has an impact on your health, your well-being your community, your environment, even your wallet!

Are you ready to join the thousands of planting enthusiasts across the country? You don’t have to be a professional gardener or expert landscaper. All you have to do is take the first step!

What Can You Do?

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There’s no stupid question when it comes to planting.

Have you met the experts at your local Garden Center or greenhouse? You’ll find they have a wealth of advice about fertilizer, plants, products and growing tips and they are more than willing to share.


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Gardening experts at the UMaine Extension have years of experience in home horticulture and commercial agriculture.


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How do I care for my new apple tree?

When do I prune my hydrangea bush?

How do I prepare my bushes for the winter?

What plants are deer resistant?

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“I’m originally from Chicago and the only plant I ever had was a sad philodendron. Now that I live in Maine, I ask questions at my local gardening center every time I go. They’re so nice! Never once have they looked at me like I’m crazy for not knowing the difference between a cornflower and a coneflower.” #askagardener
Tim Blair
Bath, Maine