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Rich Landscapes, Diverse Plants… Maine is a Gardener’s Dream!

Sprawling coastal gardens, wild inland spaces, awe-inspiring trees, lush grasses, eye-popping perennials…being a gardener in the state of Maine means enjoying a diverse landscape, wide-ranging native plants, and an abundance of vegetation that thrives in our four-season setting.

Planting Basics

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What is a Native Maine Plant?

Milkweed-flowers-250x187Local, or native, Maine plants are plants that occur naturally in Maine. Native plants are popular because they conserve Maine’s natural landscape and they do the best job of supporting the ecosystem naturally by preserving wildlife and insect populations (like birds, bees and butterflies). Maine’s landscape is naturally diverse, so there are many plant species that are native to the area.

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

What can I plant?

Berry fruits, herbs, flowering plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables, vines and groundcover. The list of what you can grow in Maine is endless!

What do I need?

Space. Find a plot of land where you have good growing soil. You can find it in your backyard, or buy quality potting soil and start with containers. Some new homeowners who want a larger garden may find that their soil is not the best for growing plants and vegetables—never fear—you can test your soil by requesting a soil test kit. Another alternative is to garden in raised beds.
Sun and water. You’ll need some sun, though many plants thrive in shady areas, and you’ll often get plenty of water from Mother Nature, though potted plants may require more attention.

Plants or seeds. You can buy plants that are already established at a garden center or nursery, or you can try your hand at starting seeds—you’ll find quality seeds from a local garden center or you can order them online and through the mail.


Tips for Maine Growing & Planting

Looking for tips about plant varieties, advice on growing, or getting rid of pests or weeds? Visit trusted local authorities in Maine planting:

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