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Start Right Here. Intelligent Tinkering: Boosting Biodiversity

May 1st, 2019, 6-7:30pm
$20 per person
209 Main Street, Bridgton, Maine

Start Right Here. Intelligent Tinkering: Boost Biodiversity at Any Scale.
This presentation from First Light Wildlife Habitats’ Deborah Perkins will explore the definition of biodiversity as it applies to different habitats. You will gain a deeper understanding of what biodiversity means to you, in the ecological context of your garden, backyard, and beyond. Learn how to protect and improve your property’s biodiversity for a more resilient landscape in the face of climate change and other environmental stressors and discover ways to “intelligently tinker” in your own landscape to meaningfully help struggling wildlife populations like native bees and songbirds.

This event is the official start of the planting season here at Groundcover. We offer participants a couple of great ways to save on the plants you buy this season: First, get 20% added to the face value of any special native plant species gift certificate purchased at this event For example, buy a gift certificate for $100 and get one worth $120! Makes a nice gift! Second, participants will also receive our Plant more Plants card, our gift to you getting you savings of 19% on all garden perennials, all season.

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