Author: Kathryn Kennedy

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

Thanks to Estabrook's for the permission to repost! Artificial trees have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, but for that nostalgic Christmas feel, you can't beat the scent and beauty of a fresh balsam tree. Your family Christmas tree will no doubt be the centerpiece of your decorating this season and by taking a few precautions beforehand, you'll ensure that yours is h...
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2020 Maine Flower Show

Maine Flower Show logo
We’re so excited to share that the 2020 Maine Flower Show is right around the corner! The dates for the show are March 25 – March 29, and the theme is “A Cascade of Color.” There’s no question that the show grows bigger and bigger every year. The Maine Flower Show, owned and produced by members of the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association, is one of the biggest gardening and horticultural sh...
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