Gardening is Good for the Soul

Written by Leah Twitchell We all know that getting outside and spending some time in the garden creates a sense of well being. It has even been said that dirt is the new Prozac! Scientific studies aside, we can all feel the grounding effects of digging in the soil and planting something new. The social and environmental benefits of planting, either flowers or food, shrubs or trees, are almo...
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January Hues Giving You the Blues? Add Color to a Frosty Landscape

Winter Interest Shrubs & Grasses Add Cheer to Zone 5 Gardens Mid-winter in Maine leads many gardeners to dream of spring while looking out at a somber landscape. But cold temperatures don’t have to mean a lackluster yard. There are plenty of opportunities for Mainers to integrate color and interest in their winter gardens. Many shrubs, trees, and grasses take Maine winters in stride, putting ...
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