Author: Leah Twitchell

Tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show

The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show are now on sale! Want to be an early-bird and get the worm? Buy your tickets for the 2018 Maine Flower Show at a hefty discount here: Early-Bird Tickets. Here's a look back at our inaugural show to remind you of why we need this color and beauty after a long, cold winter: The second annual Maine Flower Show will take pl...
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Maine Flower Show 2018: Save the Date!

The Maine Flower Show: March 21st-25th, 2018 We are excited to announce that our second annual Maine Flower Show will be held at Thompson's Point in Portland, Maine starting with the Premiere Night on Wednesday, March 21st and ending on Sunday, March 25th, 2018. The Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) has organized and engaged hundreds of its members and volunteers to provide Main...
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The Fall Harvest

pumpkin harvest
Photo by Bonnie Kittle It's Time to Pick Your Pumpkins! Fall is perhaps the most delicious time of year because we are now harvesting the largest bounty of fresh food from our gardens. It's also arguably the prettiest. As the trees start to change, there are many vibrant colors in our Maine landscape and in our gardens as well. Now is the time to get your mums. Your local garden centers are full...
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Late Summer Gardening Tips

  Late Summer Lawn Care Late summer can be tough on lawns. The days are long and hot and we haven't had much rain in Maine this season. It is important to follow a few simple rules when caring for your lawn during August to help your grass survive. You definitely want to avoid cutting the grass too short, and while you do want to water your lawn, over-watering can cause problems as well...
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Summertime is the Right Time to Keep Planting

Summertime Plantings Some people may feel that if they missed the spring planting season, it's now too late to start gardening. But this couldn't be further from the truth! There are many flowers and even vegetables that you can plant now and still enjoy for this growing season. Midsummer is also when you will find sales at your local nurseries and garden centers, so take advantage of great dis...
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4 Great Reasons to Plant Something this Summer

Plant for Better Health These days, most of us are spending way too much time indoors, and a lot of that time is spent in front of a screen. This usually means we are sitting still and socially isolated. It's bad for the eyes, body, as well as our social engagement system. Developing a healthy hobby that gets you outdoors, gets you moving, and helps encourage social interaction is one way to be...
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Plant Something Weekend 2017

The Growing Season Has Started! Maine's local Independent Garden Centers are hosting Plant Something Weekend to help you kick off the gardening season with the latest and greatest plants, shrubs and trees, expert advice and just about everything you need to succeed when you plant. Visit Your Local Garden Center Many of our local nurseries and garden centers are offering special discounts ...
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Maine Flower Show a Success

Thanks to Our Supporters Our very first Maine Flower Show​ was a great success! We want to thank everyone who came out to support the show. So many people who attended gave us wonderful feedback. We had an amazing volunteer staff as well and could not have done this without them. In addition to over 100 vendors, we had 16 display gardens and 37,000 square feet of gardens and displays all on one f...
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1,000 Plants in Maine Flower Show Giveaway

At Last Rose
  200 At Last Roses from Proven Winners are included in the giveaway Check In for a Chance to Win Free Plants We are giving away over 1,000 plants at the Maine Flower Show! Premium flowers including Proven Winners, First Editions, Monrovia and American Beauties are all up for grabs. To enter the giveaway, simply download our custom app and check in at all five mobile app stations at ...
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Tips, Techniques & Growing Inspiration

Seminars at The Maine Flower Show The Maine Flower Show will be bursting with colorful display gardens for you to feast your eyes on, inspiring garden enthusiasts from near and far to plant something. But did you know? In addition to the beautiful display gardens, top horticultural experts will be giving free seminars on a variety of gardening topics. No advance sign up required – once you are at...
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